It is well…

This song.
These words of faith and trust.

Echoed and reechoed again and again within me the winter of 2017.
The dark dark times.
I had to return to my soul’s song.
I had to stop looking at circumstances.
I had to stop looking at potential disasters and ‘what-ifs’

I had to dance and declare…

Through it all
my eyes are on You.


It is well with my soul.
Did I still freak out and feel fearful.  YES!
I still hurt.
I still lashed out.
I still sobbed.
I still felt dark and alone.


I was able to look up and see my Savior full of grace and love for me.
I was able to get back on the bedrock truth of my life.

Over and over again.

I danced and declared…

It is well with my soul.
It is well with my soul.

Because there are painful dreadful circumstances in life
there is a deeper truth that cannot be shaken.

Let go my soul and trust in Him
The wave and wind still know His name.

And this is what happened…my faith is growing stronger and my fears are lessening
and I am experiencing abundant life where there had been only destruction in sight.

I’m not being destroyed,
I am being renewed and restored.

This is how my God works.


I feel such deep joy and peace that is strange and wonderful.
Truly unexpected here in the beginning months of being newly divorced.

I know it didn’t just ‘happen’.
I have choices over and over again to declare my bedrock truth.

Because of my Savior’s love and grace
It is well with my soul



  1. 3 years ago I was days away from medical retirement…losing the career that I adored. I went to my son’s middle school band concert and they played It Is Well. I felt like God was speaking to me….it made such a difference in my attitude and outlook.


    • Oh, Rachel, you are a brave heart! And I am ever thankful for the years I got to teach down the hall from you. And that we were given a friendship during such hard and good times.


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