That Swimsuit (again)

So the swimsuit.

I wore it.

The children and I met friends along favorite woodsy river on a hot day.

And I decided this was the place to wear my new two piece semi-bikini swimsuit.  (I’ve been a full coverage two piece or a  one piece suit my whole life.  So this was a big deal to me.)

AND it was going to be the day I swam in that river.  I’ve never gotten in before though the children have many times.

So, yep, I got into that invigorating cold river on that hot day with my children.
OH, BbbbbRRRRR!  And oh, so fun!!

Many times!


And it was WONDERFUL!


I felt it was the right place and time to try the new suit.  Big trees, cold river, rocky banks.  This is a place to be in the woods and water.  So for me, it was perfect.  When I wasn’t swimming I had my favorite shady spot to read and watercolor and visit with my dear friend KH and feed the children.  There were other people and I felt confident and good and this was the right time for me.

Courage to be the mom who gets in the river and really swims and plays.
Grace to try the two piece and find it to be wonderful on that hot day.

I can be courageous and brave in little new ways.  Grace is ever present.



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