I know I have too many things going on for me.
And I can quickly feel like I am simply cannot meet all that is before me.

Mothering the five children…physical and emotional care is ongoing around here.
Managing a household…money, groceries, bills, upkeep etc
Moving the five children and myself to a new home.
Theater is starting up….rehearsals start to fill the afternoons and evenings.
Gathering with friends before school starts up.
Continued scheduling and money with the ex-mister.
Grief still hits at odd times but less frequently (so thankful!)
Oh, yeah, I’m to be building my own business.
My own care…exercise, social, rest.
Did I mention we are moving! ?

So to meet this seemingly daunting list.  I eat cartons of ice cream!  Just kidding.  I’m actually thankful I don’t have serious food cravings.  (I believe this is due to the nutritional supplements I take. Ask me if you are interested.)

Instead I am learning to trust and rest.

Rest is a weapon
-Graham Cooke


I add that to one of my beliefs.:

All that I need will be provided at the right time.  I can trust in provision.

This doesn’t mean I just sit back and do nothing.

Trusting in provision means that I don’t need to fret or worry.  I can simply do that next right thing.

Trusting in provision means I  lay down mid-day for a rest time. (especially when I am up until after midnight with the doors and windows open to cool the house down and up again at 5 or 6 to open it all back up again trying to get house called to the low 70’s before the heat build up again…heat wave 90’s to 100 in the NW and no A/C).

Trusting in provision means I continue to create summer time memories with the children at the woods and river, or downtown, or with friends.

Trusting in provision means I do my part of create a peaceful home.  I have no relief coming through the door at the end of the work day.  I am still ‘on’ so I must conserve energy and renew my energy and self throughout the day.

Choosing rest and trust.
Deep breath.
A practice.
A realignment.
A pause and reset.
Moment by moment.


I will be given what I need when I need it.  
I can rest and trust throughout my day.


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